Man Builds Amazing Homes Out Of Trash And Old Tires!

With many situations that we find ourselves taking part in on a regular basis, the ...

With many situations that we find ourselves taking part in on a regular basis, the byproduct, many times, can be waste as the amount of excess created these days can be quite extreme. In many instances, like the way that we get rid of our tires, it takes incredible lengths to be able to recycle them and they exist in such volume that it might be almost impossible to be able to handle them all. Therefore, they’re left to sit, cluttering the environment and there’s not much that we can do about it in order to clean things up… Or is there?

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Well, if you ask this architect about the problem with getting rid of old tires, he’d probably agree that the excess can be a little bit much. However, when it comes to the rubber doing nothing more than sitting in landfills, I would think that would be an issue that he’s willing to rise up against as he has come up with some pretty creative measures in order to get rid of all of this excess and put it to good use, making sure that he’s doing his part to repurpose materials that would otherwise have no inherent purpose.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to follow along with this journey that takes the rubber and makes it whole again, using it as a part of a process to create homes that can be over half composed of materials that would have otherwise been trash. In this world where seem to discard so many things, it’s good to see that some folks are making an effort to make sure that some of these materials are able to find their way to a new life once again, one where they can be appreciated by those who inhabit the homes they create.

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