Man Builds Miniature CAT Dozer to Clear His Driveway of Snow!

There isn’t any real information about what this mini CAT dozer is built from, ...

There isn’t any real information about what this mini CAT dozer is built from, but it appears intrepid YouTuber Lane Hanson modified an older lawn tractor in order to create his own personal snow plow.

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While it’s certainly no speed demon, and I can’t help but wonder if those steel tracks aren’t going to leave the yard a muddy mess if he ever takes it off-road, there is no denying the cool factor of taking one machine and transforming it into something completely different, one with an actual purpose through the winter months.  The diminutive dozer seems to have no problem finding traction thanks to nice, wide tracks and enough heft to plant them on the concrete below the snow. The blade may need some final adjustments – this was simply the first test run on the new build – because it doesn’t quite get down to bare concrete, but that shouldn’t require more than a couple of small tweaks to fix.

We have to admire this guy’s creativity, and give him props for having the know-how to make such a cool project come to life.

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