Man Builds Working Car Out of LEGOs, Police Aren’t Happy as he Takes it on Public Roads

With YouTubers relying on their creativity for their livelihood, you really never ...

With YouTubers relying on their creativity for their livelihood, you really never know what’s going to come next when some of these people get pretty darn creative in order to make content that’s entertaining for fans to keep on watching. With these concepts in mind, lots of YouTube creators will try to one-up themselves in order to create something bigger and more extravagant in order to draw in as much attention as they possibly can. This time, we definitely see more of the same concept from the creator that goes by MrBeast as he goes above and beyond in order to create something that is definitely worth mentioning.

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With what looks like a base of a golf cart to start with, a collection of something similar to oversized LEGO bricks seem to be fastened to the outside of the vehicle in order to create something that looks like a small car made from the building blocks that we all know and love.

Now, this in and of itself might be a somewhat interesting accomplishment to watch but this one goes up another level entirely. When you consider the idea that they put this thing on the streets for public consumption, things get a little bit more interesting to see how the public interacts with such a car and how those who are in charge of keeping the public in check seem to perceive this thing.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll see that not even something as cool as a full-scale LEGO car is exempt from a run-in with law enforcement. However, it does appear as if the guy behind the wheel did end up lucking out a little bit as it seems like the punishment here could’ve been a lot worse than it ended up being. I think that he should probably consider himself lucky that he ended up walking away with his license and his freedom. If the police officer really wanted to, he probably could’ve given this guy quite a hard time.

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