Man Drinks Motor Oil, but it’s for a Cause

Sometimes, when you have a point to prove, you’ll go pretty far to prove that ...

Sometimes, when you have a point to prove, you’ll go pretty far to prove that point if it’s for something that you believe in. With a situation like the one referenced here that has to do with a pipeline that might bear contamination to nearby water sources, apparently an uprising had come about with people who were protesting on what this young man saw to be private property so he decided that he would hop into action and come up with a little display of his own to voice his opinion and make sure that everyone knew what was at stake here.

Instead of getting out there and trying to explain to each protestor exactly what he believes, he went to a little bit more extreme measure and put on a little bit of a demonstration himself, taking the time to chug a whole quart of what looks to be an unopened container of motor oil, opening up the hatch and throwing back all of that slippery yet thick motor oil in a display that might make the stomachs of a lot of people watching the display turn upside down. Not to worry, though, multiple sources have cited that even if the motor oil here is, in fact, real, that there’s not much to worry about because the side effects normally aren’t all that serious.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to catch the whole display as this guy is adamant about the idea that a little bit of oil in the water isn’t the end of the world. I’m not necessarily sure that we agree with all that he’s saying, but it really bends your mind as you watch him drink the oil. That most certainly isn’t something that you see every day.

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