Man Invents “Grappler” to Grab Cars During Police Pursuits

When it comes to police pursuits, they can get mighty dangerous and out of hand. ...

When it comes to police pursuits, they can get mighty dangerous and out of hand. There comes a time in every pursuit where the officers have to use their best judgement to decide if it’s worth the danger of continuing the pursuit as it could put those in the surroundings in immediate danger. Therefore, every day, there are companies who are shooting to come up with something that will make the action just a little bit safer.

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This invention is really unlike anything we’ve ever seen before but whether it will actually work or not is something that we will let you decide on your own. The concept is quite promising as it takes the concept of the pursuit and helps the officers initiating to take care of it in a more efficient manner, meaning no high-speed chases through a town that’s crowded with people and furthermore, far fewer suspects fading away and making their escape.

The “Grappler” is a device that is used to essentially replace the need for a pit maneuver. The basic premise of the machine is that it extends from the front of a police cruiser to be slid under a back tire and lock that tire up. We have to say that it looks like it would be effective based on the video demonstration and, in addition to making cars slide wildly out of control, looks like it would cause more of a controlled stop along with taking some of the beating off of the police cruisers that are really put through their paces should situations like this arise.

Take a look at the combination and how it works for yourself down in the clip below and tell us if this is something that you could ever see being put to use in the police force today.

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