Man on Supermoto Chased By Police on Mountain Roads!

When it comes to Mulholland Highway, the very suitable driving road has seen some ...

When it comes to Mulholland Highway, the very suitable driving road has seen some pretty wild stuff unfold on video over the years, especially around the one corner pictured in this video in which YouTuber, rnickeymouse has perched his camera, capturing some of the wildest antics and wrecks that you’ll see on YouTube. Chances are that thanks to these videos, you might even recognize the stretch of road even if you couldn’t put a name on it before.

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This time, it isn’t a crash that we’re witnessing but also a situation that doesn’t surprise us coming from this area. This place really seems to be the Bermuda Triangle of driving roads when it comes to strange occurrences. This time, the situation at hand revolves around a police officer who was driving up the road while blaring his lights and sirens when, all of a sudden, something that he probably didn’t expect happened right in front of him!

We tune in just as the police car comes into the picture and out in front of him pulls a supermoto that apparently didn’t even hear the police cruiser coming and this guy is really ripping on it right in front of the officer! Even when he pulls out I guess he didn’t see the car or just didn’t care because he just keeps right on rolling, barreling around corners as the red and blues illuminate behind him with a confused officer that’s probably wondering what is going through this guy’s head.

Check out the video below that shows off a situation that everyone was convinced was a police chase. “Even funnier,” says our uploader, “the rider pulled over to come up for a second run and the cop continued on. Everyone thought the rider hid as the cop passed. When the rider came back he had no idea what was going on.”

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