Man Runs into Burnout Display, Clobbered by Car, “Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes”

Sometimes, well, in fact, most of the time when somebody ends up in a situation ...

Sometimes, well, in fact, most of the time when somebody ends up in a situation where, say, they end up getting hit by a car, you can’t help but feel sympathy for them, wondering exactly how much pain they’re going through and wishing that maybe it didn’t happen. Now, I’m not saying that we lack sympathy for the individual pictured in this video but after you watch exactly what was going on here, you can’t help but wonder what exactly this person was thinking. It almost seems like a classic case of “play stupid games and wins stupid prizes.”

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Now, these sorts of sideshows are somewhat common if you venture out to the west coast. In these sideshows, people take their cars and trucks to the maximum extent of what they will do in a tight space, absolutely banging the car off of the rev limiter and sending it around in circles, creating tons of smoke in doing burnouts and everything of the like. This could definitely be an exciting show for spectators as they want to get involved in the action but if you run into the area where people are doing said burnouts, you almost have to be ready to get clobbered by a car. Let’s just say that when this guy took on that very action, he would probably end up regretting the consequences big time.

If you check out the video below, it shows off a guy who decided to run out in the middle of a donut session, meeting the side of a car that was sliding out of control with absolutely no way of stopping. It ended up slamming into this person who really just wanted to get a front row view of the action, we would suppose. However, when push came to shove and the individual got a little bit too close to the action, you can see the exact moment where he probably realizes he messed up, allowing the car to slam into him, sending the person flying, hitting the individual so hard that his pants even managed to fly off in the act. Somehow, though, thankfully, the man was able to get back up again and stand on his own two feet after all this happened, leading us to believe that the injury couldn’t have been all that serious. On the other hand, though, we’re willing to bet that this is one that he will definitely be feeling in the morning.

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