Man Tries To Teach His Lady How To Ride A Sport BIke… Goes Horribly Wrong

Before checking this one out, we definitely have to warn you that the content within ...

Before checking this one out, we definitely have to warn you that the content within this post might be a little bit shocking.

When it comes to learning how to do just about anything, you have to start somewhere. Not everybody is a seasoned professional right off of the bat and there is a learning curve with pretty much everything. This time, it just so happens to be a motorcycle that’s the learning tool in question and, for this new rider, let’s just say the things don’t exactly go so smoothly. In fact, this one almost unfolds in just about a worst-case scenario for anybody who is looking to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

It all happens in the parking lot with a bunch of cars parked in close proximity. That should be the first foreshadowing hint that things are going to go awry here. You can’t help but feel bad as this innocent woman hops on the motorcycle and has a crack at seeing what she can do behind the handlebars. Right from the get-go, things start going south as she immediately gets into the throttle way too much and it appears as if she can’t figure out how to get that bike stopped when it just keeps on going, plowing straight into a car and throwing her off of the two-wheeled machine as she screams in agony.

You can follow along with the entire scenario down in the video below that shows us this learning session gone wrong from start to finish. Hopefully, the rider here ended up being alright. We haven’t seen any reports from the incident to really dictate one way or the other. She took quite a lick there but hopefully, this one won’t deter her from brushing herself off, getting up, and trying again!

"I walked out of my apartment today and saw a guy trying to teach a girl how to ride a motorcycle."

Posted by Damn Videos on Saturday, October 21, 2017

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