Massive Compilation Shows Off Craziest Drag Racing Wrecks

If someone were to ask us what the draw behind something like drag racing was, there ...

If someone were to ask us what the draw behind something like drag racing was, there would be a lot of areas to explain. Perhaps one of the first things that we would talk about would be the thrill of a close race. Maybe another would be that moment that a vehicle stands up on its rear bumper. For those who have seen something like this unfold, it can be hard to explain just how prolific these events really are. However, it’s not hard to understand the feeling once someone immerses themselves in such a moment.

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However, along with some of these awesome moments come some not so awesome moments. On the other end of the spectrum, there are also a plethora of heart-stopping situations that don’t have such happy endings. They can be pretty tough to watch sometimes. When a car gets a little loose and the driver loses control, it’s not something we ever like to see. However, on the other side of that issue resides something that we can’t look away from. There is just something about watching these sorts of incidents unfold that demands attention.

When we follow along with the video below, we get to see the results of the rolling camera of TomEighty. He really manages to be in the right spot a lot of the time!

In this one, we follow him to Street Outlaws Live No Prep Kings races, Dirty South No Prep, and Byron Wheelstand Contest as he covers some of the most intense action that has happened at each of them. We’d recommend using some caution here because these sequences get intense. It seems like the vast majority of drivers sustained no more than minor injuries. The cars, on the other hand, might need a little bit of TLC when all is said and done.

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