Massive Field of Broken Dreams Showcases Dream Cars Left To Rot

One of the most exciting things about a barn find is that you really never know what ...

One of the most exciting things about a barn find is that you really never know what it is that you’re going to get. On one hand, you could be walking into a pile of rusted junk but on the other, you could be looking at something that is worth thousands of dollars if not hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. It’s the unpredictability that awaits that really takes the intensity of a situation like this and cranks it up a little bit so that the person who is walking into said situation just really gets more than they bargained for, even if they don’t end up coming out with something that’s worth a ton of money.

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This time, the subject matter of this barn find is certainly something that most automotive enthusiasts should be able to sink their teeth into. While normally, you might expect maybe a couple of cars tops, this time, we just so happen to join in with barn find expert, Patrick Glenn Nichols, who stumbled across a whole field worth of subject matter that seems to be just about endless. It seems like there is history on top of history here as the cars just would to keep on getting better as the video went on.

If you’re ready to get a sweet dose of nostalgia, go ahead and hop into the video below that will almost teleport you to another time. Some of these cars are just too insanely cool to deny but we have to warn you because some of them might not be in the best condition. However, don’t let the patina deter you because there are certainly some machines here that you need to see to believe. Some of these things are practically begging to be taken home and touched up a little bit with a restoration.

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