Massive Search Underway For Missing Automotive Writer in Sierra Mountain Range

Update: Car and Driver has informed us that Johnson’s wallet had been located ...

Update: Car and Driver has informed us that Johnson’s wallet had been located in his motorcycle pants. Also, a GoFundMe has been set up to aid the  Calaveras County Search and Rescue operation.  It has since been paused after exceeding its goal.

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A search is underway for an automotive writer who mysteriously disappeared last week. David Gordon Johnson, known as “Davey,” a contributor for Car and Driver Magazine, was on his motorcycle for an assignment when he seemed to vanish. The ride would span through California and Las Vegas. His exact route on this assignment is believed to be unknown. The challenging ride would turn into one that led to more questions than answers. Authorities are hoping to come up with some sort of substantial information, soon, though. The current circumstances seem to be putting everyone a spot where we all just want to find some answers.

Police have since found his bike at the foothills of the Sierra Mountain Range in California. Also discovered was all of his clothing and his laptop. However, it might be notable that Johnson’s wallet was missing. Johnson himself was nowhere to be found. All that authorities currently have to go off of are a string of text messages that Johnson had sent before his disappearance.

Johnson’s girlfriend, Jaclyn Trop, says it’s completely out of character for him to disappear for this long. CBS News quoted Trop as saying Johnson relayed that “his cell phone died and he had been dealing with difficult riding conditions.”

This was before texting a friend of his to say he was sitting in a creek by a rest stop, enjoying himself. The man has been missing since Wednesday, June 5. In an effort to find something more substantial, a rescue effort has been underway. The effort includes 45 people, six dogs, two boats and a helicopter. All of which have been deployed in order to search for him. Authorities have noted that the rescue mission comes with several hurdles given the nature of the area. With thick brush and raging water, the ability to travel freely is rather limited.



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