McLaren Owner Talks Bad Experience With Brand After Spending $3 Million With Them

First, let’s just start this off by saying that companies mess up all the time. ...

First, let’s just start this off by saying that companies mess up all the time. Sometimes, it can be hard to remember but companies are made of people. At the end of the day, even professionals are human beings and we all make mistakes. However, the mark of a good company is how they handled those mistakes. In fact, even if they screw up, a good company will make a fan become an even bigger fan if they handle the situation gracefully.

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This time, we follow along with one of the more popular automotive YouTube users in Alejandro Salomondrin. He’s owned three McLaren vehicles worth a combined $3 million. The most infamous is his Senna that ended up burning to the ground shortly after buying it. The car was one of 500 and he says that he paid $1.5 million for it. However, after spending so much money with the company, Salomondrin seems to be a bit disappointed.

This time, we get to listen in to what he calls his “Yelp Review” of the company.

One of the most prominent points that caught our attention was what happened following the aforementioned car fire. After the car burnt to the ground, Alejandro tells us that the company didn’t exactly play nice. Instead, he says that they gave him the cold shoulder. After dropping that kind of coin on a car that went up in fire, we would think that they’d be waiting on the guy, hand, and foot.

It seems like McLaren went from his favorite company to one that he says he hates. Obviously, this is just one side of the story and we should remember that there is another. However, if we ask Salomondrin, we think that he has made up his mind. We don’t think we will see another McLaren in his fleet anytime soon.

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