Why McLaren’s Top Mount Exhaust is Genius

With the best-performing cars in the world, the machines put in place so many ...

With the best-performing cars in the world, the machines put in place so many different small touches that we might not notice. At the end of the day, though, these small touches are what really makes the cars stand out from the pack. For example, when looking at a McLaren with a top mount exhaust, most folks might not even give it a second glance. Sure, the exhaust tips coming out at the top of the engine bay at the back of the car might provide a different look but beyond that, the common person probably isn’t going to think twice about it. Heck, even people who are more familiar with automotive performance might not think all that much about the functional benefits of routing exhaust in this way.

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However, when it comes to companies like McLaren, they really seem like the type of folks who never engage in a project unless it has a well-defined¬†purpose. In other words, most of what they do isn’t just to look pretty. If something is in place in a specific way, it’s probably worth wagering that those behind the modification did it for a reason. Even something as simple as the routing of the exhaust here seems to show that these little touches have big-time benefits over doing something in a traditional way.

In this one, our host over Engineering Explained gives us a complete rundown of what exactly is going on with the exhaust configuration. He argues that with the way that this thing is routed, all sorts of different factors come into play such as weight, powertrain cooling, aerodynamics, and even potentially even the way that the car produces downforce. This goes to show you that even the smallest factors can play a big role when the people or person behind the car is looking for ultimate performance value.


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