Mechanic on the Road Shows us How to Bead Tire With Firecracker

When the talk gets brewing about what makes a good mechanic, most experienced in the ...

When the talk gets brewing about what makes a good mechanic, most experienced in the area would agree that there are definitely all sorts of different traits that go into making an individual proficient at all things mechanical. However, we’d be inclined to think that experience is something that simply can’t be taught and is essential to the craft. There is something to be said about confronting a situation head-on that seems to be a challenge to overcome and managing to work one’s way through such a situation as to get to the finish line. Being able to contort the brain through these types of mental gymnastics in order to get to the finish line prepares the mind for all sorts of other situations that might pop up.

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A perfect example of this might be when someone finds themselves on the road, needing to set a bead on a tire with limited resources. Now, this is a situation for which there are many methods of solving, however, this individual seems to have come up with a pretty unique method that involves none other than a firecracker. It almost goes without saying that we should leave this kind of work to the professionals, however, it’s still a ton of fun to watch as the man lights it up and throws it between the wheel and tire, hoping that the bead reacts in the exact way that he’s planning.

By following along with the video below, we see how the tire ends up being set after a displacement of air comes as the result of the chemical reaction going on within the tire. These are the little tricks that are picked up along the way, as just an example of what one might have at their fingertips should they be stuck in a situation that they need to get a quick answer for.


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Posted by Thinker Made on Friday, 24 August 2018

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