MEET THE RADBUL: Mad Mike Drifts Like Mad In Denmark

Holy. Freakin’. Crap.grab your entries to win this 900hp cts-v/$50,000 in cash!Click ...

Holy. Freakin’. Crap.

grab your entries to win this 900hp cts-v/$50,000 in cash!
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This thing is purely badass, and I’m so glad to be able to share it with you guys. What you’re looking at is a fire-breathing four-rotor swap crammed under the hood – for the most part – of a Mazda MX5, or what we in the States know as a Miata. However, this isn’t just any MX5!

As you will see, this MX5 is highly modified and boasts 1,200 horsepower (yes, he said “On a low-boost setting”!) that work perfectly well to send the read tires of the car, known as RADBULL, into oblivion at the drop of the loud pedal. There’s also no denying that trademark rotary exhaust note that is quite literally music to our ears, especially with Mad Mike Whiddett having his foot on the floor, sending the RPM’s north of the 10,000 mark and the magic Doritos in the engine into hyper-drive.

However, thanks to Mike’s expert level of control, the car just simply looks wildly elegant, to put an oxymoronic twist on it. The car is diminutive but is powered by an engine that cranks out well north of 1,000 horsepower, so the ratio of pounds to horsepowers has to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 2:1, which makes for ridiculous acceleration and an off-the-charts fun factor score. As you can see, there’s little Mad Mike can’t do with a car, as he sends the Redbull into corners at speeds that seem to be suicidal, simply whipping the wheel and going wide-open-throttle to send the car through almost effortlessly. We see a couple of what look to be near-misses, but the car doesn’t visibly impact any of the barrier, natural or otherwise.

The Radbull is ready to go drifting, with Mike behind the wheel, as soon as the drifting season kicks off. We’ll just have to wait until then to see if the car lives up to the hype against the best drifters in the world. Of course, with that ridiculous powerplant, the insane power-to-weight ratio, and Mad Mike at the wheel, the odds certainly seem to be in the Redbull’s favor.

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