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Mud Truck

* win this 1100hp widebody redeye hellcat / $50k in cash! *
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This is a crazy sport right here and here Al Abercrombie goes for a mega truck backflip in his Adrenaline Rush Mega Mud Truck. Although the initial impact sends the shocks through the hood and the landing rips the front axle completely off of the truck at West Ga Mud Park. Thankfully he had all his safety gear on and walked away without a scratch. Makes you wonder what happened here.  Was this a case of spotty welding job or did the shock tabs completely break off all together?  Watch carefully, as when he initially attacks the wall the shocks shoot straight up through the engine compartment disconnecting themselves before the front tires even left the ground.  Maybe some limit straps would be a good idea next time.  

mud truck axle break

Just to add insult to injury, after the shocks were already busted, the front axle falls out like it was never secured at all when he lands it.  Some people say he didn’t fully commit to the flip, but really, I don’t think it would have mattered once the front shocks and suspension decided to relocate themselves.  What ever the cause, we are glad he was able to walk away from this.

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