Mercedes Saved From Snow | Free the Benz

Mercedes Saved From Snow | Free the Benzlimited edition redeye hellcat shirts are now ...

Mercedes Saved From Snow | Free the Benz

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If you don’t come equipped with the proper vehicle, just about anything can happen in the snow and this time, a Mercedes-Benz learns that lesson the hard way.

When this luxury cruiser managed to get itself wedged into the snow, all that the driver needed to do was get a helping hand to jump up and down in the trunk and wha-la, it gets unstuck.

We tense up a little bit as the expensive ride manages to squeeze its way out of the jam and nearly ends up sliding into a row of cars afterward.

Check out the trick in the video below. Maybe next time, this guy should pick up something with four-wheel-drive for these less than admirable situations.

You think that was sketchy? Imagine a funny car in the snow. Oh wait, you don’t have to! See it below.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.27.44 PM

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