Mesmerizing Putty Is Everything That You Need To Clean Out Your Engine

If you’ve ever begun to dig around inside of an engine, some of these things ...

If you’ve ever begun to dig around inside of an engine, some of these things tend to get pretty nasty. For those of us to deal with higher mileage engines that maybe have had some life behind them, the road grime combined with all of the build up on the inside can get to be a little bit much. This time, we check out a method of cleaning things up a little bit and, while it won’t be able take care of the outside of the engine, inside, this might just be a dream come true and watching it all happen is nothing short of mesmerizing as the putty contained within makes magic happen right in front of your eyes.

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The process that is called “manifold extrusion” basically uses a pressurized system to push a specialized putty through your manifolds. Basically, by design, the putty is meant to scrape out all of the garbage that is lurking on the walls of your manifold along with polishing the surface afterward to make sure that the internals are able to flow as smoothly as they possibly can, in theory. When this putty comes out on the other end, you’re able to see just how much garbage ends up being trapped in the substance which is exactly what you want because it’s now no longer inside of your engine! Yayy!

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to see this mesmerizing process that resembles they Play Dough hair that you might remember playing with when you were but a wee lad. After seeing this process for yourself does it make you a believer or do you need a little bit more convincing that manifold extrusion is something that could bring a little bit better health to your engine combination in the long run?

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