Metal Shredder Breaks Down Transmissions & Engine Blocks With Ease

Generally, we think of engines and transmissions as pretty sturdy pieces of ...

Generally, we think of engines and transmissions as pretty sturdy pieces of equipment. While the smaller internal pieces are certainly prone to fail, especially the way a lot of us drive, the bigger components such as the crankshaft, engine block, and transmission cases are pretty sturdy hunks of metal.

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However, when they meet with this metal munching industrial shredder, they look about as durable as a coke can. This monster shredder is built from the ground up to destroy and mangle in the name of recycling, utilizing a pair of interlocking rollers and a ton of torque to shred even the most resilient components of these engines and transmissions. This shredder wastes little time fulfilling its duties, destroying drivetrains and eating engines in a matter of moments.

I personally want to see them drop a massive cast iron anvil in there and see if the shredder can digest a solid chunk of iron, but until they do that, I’ll sit back and enjoy watching it wreck these motors and trannies.

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