Miami is the Hub for the Best Speed Boats in the World, but Why?

If you take a tour around the world, you might notice that certain areas are ...

If you take a tour around the world, you might notice that certain areas are associated with certain forms of speed. The perfect example of this is how an area like Miami has really become notorious for its love affair with speedboats. Sure, you might catch them in great variety and numbers in different areas around the country, however, when you take a tour around Miami, you really begin to see some of the big dogs rise as this world certainly takes the concept of the speedboat to an all new level, really bringing you a new appreciation for power in the water as it transforms from hobby to culture.

As there are lots of areas in the country with an abundance of water that could potentially house this kind of culture why exactly is it that Miami finds itself to be the home for this type of gear headed behavior? Well, the roots for powerboating in Miami certainly dig deep and date back years to when boating didn’t look anything like it does today.

Slowly, but surely, the culture evolved and what we know as a power boat had changed from something pretty simple to the complex and overly powerful machines that you see today that are able to rip through the water at some pretty incredible speeds, really putting on a spectacle that is sure to make everyone within an earshot fall in love with the grand show.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to take a dive into this awesome culture that certainly has a lot of colorful backstory to make the journeys of today seem just a little bit more interesting, as if the loud engines and bright colors that you’ll see on the water aren’t enough to win you over.

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