Miata Gets V8, Turbo, Nitrous, Proceeds to Party!

While, in practice, drag racing can definitely be more difficult and easier said than ...

While, in practice, drag racing can definitely be more difficult and easier said than done, there is one basic formula that everybody must follow in order to go fast. No matter what, if you’re able to perfectly execute this formula, nothing stands between you and speed. In order to get through the traps at the end of the track as quickly as you possibly can, you want to add power, reduce weight, and sprinkle little little bit of traction into the mix so that you’re able to make your way through that finish line with as much of a head of steam as you possibly can.

This time, we catch up with a car that is well on its way to being an all-out monster on the drag strip. Don’t get us wrong as this thing is already impressive but, as the owner admits, there are a couple of steps before he gets it to his goal of an eight-seconds pass. When you get that turbocharged 6.2L LS engine accompanied by a shot of nitrous all on the same page with the Mazda Miata chasis, we wouldn’t be shocked to see this thing rocketing its way into the eights, potentially deep into the 8s. I know that the term “sleeper” is thrown around a lot, sometimes not rightfully so, but I think that this time, we have found ourselves a machine that falls right into that category.

Follow along with the video below that shows off a clean, quick, and nimble Miata as it shows you what a truly well-rounded sports car looks like. Being able to see this thing rocket its way down the track is truly a treat to be had, especially when you throw in the factor that it practically sounds like a fighter jet launching off of the starting line when the rear mounted turbo spools up and give this car everything that it’s got.

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