Michael Bay onboard for 2017 Transformers Flick that looks Explosive – Trailer Inside

When it comes to cinema, there are some series that appear as if they will never die. ...

When it comes to cinema, there are some series that appear as if they will never die. As yet another addition to the Transformers saga rolls out, it would appear as if is becoming a franchise that will just keep on rolling into forever. Some say that’s for better and others dread the idea.

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One thing is for sure, Michael Bay is back and as literally explosive as ever in yet another good alien robot vs bad alien robot story that will be unfolding on the silver screen in 2017 with lots of action sequences, more explosions than you could ever want or need, and of course, Mark Wahlberg.

The trailer for the latest rendition of this series has just come to light and is already trending as fans around the world are super excited to see what exactly is in store next for Optimus Prime and Company. In short, it looks like something that is totally worth seeing on the big screen as opposed to your personal television. If you’re in the mood for some mind melting special effects that you won’t see anywhere else, this is just the flick for you!

The trailer itself can be witnessed down in the clip below. Be sure to check it out and tell us if this is something that you think you will find yourself in the theater dedicating a couple of your hard-earned free time hours to. Has this series gone too far or are you in love with the idea of endless Transformers movies rolling into theaters?

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