Midwest Street Cars Puts The “Man Van” On The Dyno

Over the past few seasons of Street Outlaws, we’ve seen a renewed interest in more ...

Over the past few seasons of Street Outlaws, we’ve seen a renewed interest in more “streetable” street cars. While the actual cars seen racing week in and week out have become, for all practical purposes, full-on race cars, several of the guys have built badass daily drivers that just happen to be a lot of fun to race on the track or from stoplight to stoplight.

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One of the first to jump on the daily driver fad was Shawn, whose Trailblazer SS known as the ManVan – has already made quite a name for itself on the streets while it’s been evolving. ManVan started out as a basically stock TBSS but now has become quite the beast in its own right. While it’s a far from the Murder Nova, the ManVan puts down some killer power and the all-wheel drive platform makes it ideal for hitting the streets, where traction is always at a premium.

Shawn wanted to see just how much power his family hauler was putting down, so he disconnected the front drive and strapped the SUV to the Mustang Dynamometer’s chassis dyno at Midwest Street Cars and put it to work to see what kind of power it made with the supercharger and a little shot of nitrous, prompting viewers to take a guess at the numbers in the comments. After running the engine up through the RPM’s, Shawn lifted and the exhaust spat out a nice fireball that lasted almost until the revs returned to idle. I’m not sure if that’s ideal, but it dang sure looked really cool.

Comments I saw ranged from a (joking) 375 horsepower guess to 1300, with Shawn posting a photo of the max numbers eventually, revealing that the combo was good for a stout 1126 horsepower and 960 ft/lbs of torque. If you need to make a grocery run or pick the kids up from soccer practice, having over 1100 ponies on tap should make sure you make it back home in time for the next episode of Street Outlaws!


ManVan came to party last night! Got it dialed in on blower and then hit it with a little Nitrous Express. Any guesses on numbers? Mustang Dynamometer Texas Speed and Performance, LTD Aeromotive Fuel Systems DeatschWerks Stainless Works

Posted by Murder Nova on Thursday, November 15, 2018

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