Mike Murillo Gets The Win Light In His Nasty Mustang

If you’ve heard the name Mike Murillo, you likely know he’s one of the winningest ...

If you’ve heard the name Mike Murillo, you likely know he’s one of the winningest drivers in history, having racked up countless event wins and fourteen world championships in various classes and sanctions. Over the past few years, Murillo has stepped away from tightly-policed class racing and jumped into the “pretty much anything goes” world of No Prep.

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As one of the promoters of Dirty South No Prep, Murillo has become the face of the organization, with he and Street Outlaws New Orleans star Scott Taylor handling the management of the series, but that doesn’t stop them from competing in the events as well. Recently, Mike rolled through eliminations, fighting his way to the finals where he would line up with a man who has a pretty fearsome reputation of his own, none other than David “Bird” Jones.

The pair of gunslingers lined up and took their best shot at the unprepped surface, both cars laying down pretty good runs. You see Murillo’s famed Lafawnduh – that’s the name of his beloved Mustang, for those who don’t know – make a bit of a move just past half track, easing first toward the centerline, then back toward the center of the lane, but considering the power levels and the marginal-at-best track, both cars make pretty stellar run.

At the stripe, Mike got the win despite Jones putting up a hell of a fight, though it looks like the race we decided by maybe a couple of feet. Races like this are just part of the reason No Prep has become such a huge hit in the racing community. No times being shown means the attraction is the racing itself, not putting up big numbers like you see in so many other arenas. Instead, these guys just step up and punch each other in the mouth – figuratively speaking, of course – and see who packs a bigger punch. On this day, it was Murillo delivering the knockout.

Posted by Mike Murillo on Monday, November 6, 2017

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