MINI Stirling Engine Shows This AMAZING Technology At Work!

MINI Stirling Engine Shows This AMAZING Technology At Work!* * *Get entered for this ...

MINI Stirling Engine Shows This AMAZING Technology At Work!

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We’ve featured a ton of miniaturized engines in the past, so many in fact that it takes something truly different and new to stand out from the pack.

We think that this mini Stirling Engine has just what it takes to grab your attention and leave you in amazement. When it comes to a real Stirling, no gasses enter or exit the system, thus calling for a much quieter and possibly more efficient configuration. Instead of internal explosions, this engine uses an external heat source for operation.

Maybe checking out the video below will give you a little bit of a better picture of how this type of engine operates. Do you see Stirling technology replacing the internal combustion engine any time soon?

This six cylinder mini Boxer engine is fully functional! Check it out below.


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