Mom DRIVES Her Sons Turbo Integra

Y’all already know by now we love some mom reaction videos, but hopefully this video ...

Y’all already know by now we love some mom reaction videos, but hopefully this video will start a whole new trend, because this is a whole new spin on that concept that is a lot more fun! YouTuber Zosh has a boosted Integra that is hardly built for comfort, having dumped the power steering and soft factory clutch in favor of a stage four setup that requires a little more finesse. Also gone are the factory seats, dumped for some lighter and more fashionable aftermarket buckets. All of this – plus the turbo kit – combines to make the car faster, but also quite a bit less comfortable, but that doesn’t stop his mom from climbing behind the wheel and taking it for a spin!

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With Zosh belted in the passenger seat, he and his mom hit the road for a test drive in the Integra, and we have to say it takes her very little time to get acquainted with the hopped up Acura. A couple of times taking off from a dead stop and she’s got the hang of the clutch, and she handles the shifting duties like a champ. With just a few minutes behind the wheel under her belt, she’s driving the car as if it’s her daily, and that’s impressive stuff!

To help the four banger build boost for hard launches, Zosh has added a two-step to the ignition, and during her first ten minutes behind the wheel, he talks his mom into launching the car off the two-step.

I totally expected her to freak out, but mom launched the ‘Ten like she’s been drag racing for years. If she’d only kept her foot in it and banged out that 1-2 shift instead of hesitating before dropping the shifter out of first and into second, she’d had laid down a solid run. However, being he first time in the car and the first time she’s driven a stick in many years, we can understand her apprehension.

All in all, we’re completely impressed with Zosh’s mom and her incredibly short learning curve, as well as her funny commentary about the car throughout the video. So from now on guys, don’t relegate mom to the passenger seat, go ahead and put her behind the wheel and let’s see who’s mom is the best – and worst – driver!

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