Mom Left on Dock After Cruise Ship Leaves With Her Kids on Board

Sometimes, well, a plan just doesn’t come together how you had envisioned it ...

Sometimes, well, a plan just doesn’t come together how you had envisioned it to. When this family went on a cruise for vacation, when it was time to depart for the next destination, It appears as if mom maybe didn’t really align herself properly with the cruise ship’s schedule. From what reports say, it was time to depart when the mother was nowhere to be found. The cruise ship was ready to leave and eventually, they would, waiting an additional half hour for everyone to get on board, longer than what they say is protocol, before they eventually had to just take off.

When the kids were left onboard, their father would be left to go searching for his wife and just minutes after the cruise ship began to depart, they would roll up to the dock, begging for the massive ship to come back and let them on board while the mother fell to the ground, screaming and pleading for the ship to stop before praying that something would happen. However, the ship continued on to leave port without them. Now, the kids weren’t completely alone and they were with her uncle and it really does look like the cruise liner did everything they could to try to accommodate but, being on a tight schedule, they weren’t about to make everybody else late because of this time constraint.

Follow along down in the video below that shows how people on board captured the moment and what they thought of the ship continuing on and not turning around to stop. Even though they probably didn’t know the entire situation and that the kids were safely on board with their uncle, it sounds like all of those included in the video had a definitive opinion on what they thought of the issue. If you were in charge of controlling this cruise ship would you stay around or leave the dock and make them come up with another way to get home?

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