Monster Truck Owners take it Upon Themselves, Become Ultimate Hurricane Response Team

It’s no secret that, over this past couple of weeks, Hurricane Harvey has been ...

It’s no secret that, over this past couple of weeks, Hurricane Harvey has been a major topic of discussion and rightfully so. The storm has managed to wreak havoc on the city of Houston, leaving them to extend all of their resources to try and bring themselves out of a terrible situation. Make no ifs, ands, or buts about it, this is something that really needs to be a whole community effort in order to make things come around full circle and bring the city back to the place where it needs to be once again. There are a lot of people out there who have been willing to step it up and bring not only their┬áservices but also their own personal belongings to the table in order to help out with this massive effort.

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This time, the rescue mission isn’t necessarily conventional but it’s definitely effective! Instead of anything like what you would normally see, this time, we check out a group of monster truck owners who decided that they would take on the storm head on with the same type of spirit that got them through building and competing with their trucks. With the massive monsters that were built to tackle the mud, these guys really went straight through the flood waters with a vengeance. These machines might have been originally designed to conquer the pit but they certainly don’t discriminate as they go on to conquer flood waters as well, apparently.

Down in the video below, you can catch these massive machines going to work, being sure to deliver supplies and provide aid, in general, everywhere that they possibly can. With all of the efforts like these coming together as one cohesive picture, the community surrounding the people in Houston has really brought the support big time, showing that they have power in numbers, to say the least. It’s really a good scene to watch human beings out there helping each other out when the level of need is at an all-time high.

Monster trucks to the rescue

Monster trucks roll in to help in flood-hit Houston.

Posted by BBC News on Saturday, September 2, 2017

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