Monsters On The Street! Two 1,600HP Nissan GT-Rs Race To 190+MPH!

The other day, we brought you a video of two cars, a GTR and a Corvette, that were ...

The other day, we brought you a video of two cars, a GTR and a Corvette, that were supposed to have the exact same horsepower level, but the outcome of the race made it look like either one of them was down on power or the other was sandbagging. This video is much better in that these cars are clearly very closely matched and the results of the race are much more in line with two cars that are cranking out the same horsepower.

The other two cars were both claiming 950 horsepower to the wheels, and each of the GTR’s in this clip make almost as much as those two combined. The Alpha 16, for those who know the AMS Performance Alpha level designations, cranks out 1,600 horsepower, as does the other GTR, which is rocking SPE’s Godzilla turbo kit. The beastly Nissans line up and drop the hammer from a 60 kick and run up to a blistering 190 MPH before shutting down, and in the first race, (SPOILER ALERT) the closest of the three, they are door to door for most of the race, until the AMS Alpha 16 pulls ahead as the cars rocket toward 200 MPH.

The second round is a bit of a misfire, as the SPE car appeared to get into the rev limiter at the hit, giving the AMS-built ride a huge jump. Round three is a great race too, but the Alpha 16 is just too much for the SPE-tuned car. Both of these are wicked rides that anybody would be incredibly proud to call their own. Let’s keep things in perspective here, too. When you’re talking about these horsepower levels, races like this can easily go either way. It could be something as simple as a difference in ride height, the addition of a spoiler or splitter, or a tune that’s just slightly better for the weather conditions that makes the difference in winning and losing. I doubt either of these guys went home too upset with their badass cars after these races!

MONSTERS ON THE STREET!!! Two 1,600HP GT-Rs Race To 190+!

Posted by That Racing Channel on Saturday, September 16, 2017

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