More Automakers Allegedly Cheating on Emissions Testing

More Automakers Allegedly Cheating on Emissions TestingClick the image below/shop now ...

More Automakers Allegedly Cheating on Emissions Testing

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It may have been the biggest recent story in all of the automotive world, wrapping up this summer. The emissions scandal that has been plaguing Volkswagen seems to have taken over the airwaves as of late, but are they the only ones?

Multiple sources are reporting that other automakers are also getting in on the Dieselgate festivities by producing cars that perform at a much more polluting level than what their regulatory tests show.

According to news source, The Guardian; Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Mazda, and Mitsubishi could all be in the hot seat soon as they claim that their emissions testing bears some significant inconsistencies.

While other news sources are saying that this simply isn’t true, the conflicting stories could prove to create quite the interesting situation. What do you think of the new information that has been rolling out?

If you’re one of those who are still in the dark about what has been going on then maybe this video below will be an eye opener for you.

Check out the video below as a Jiffy Lube scam gets caught on tape!



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