Nobody Knows What to Make of the World’s Most Expensive SUV

There’re some ideas that we can’t help but do a double take toward when ...

There’re some ideas that we can’t help but do a double take toward when we see them come to life. Certain things look like they came straight out of a child’s coloring book who had the most creative imagination possible. When something comes out looking like the Karlmann King, we think that one of those crazy concepts might’ve just come to life. This thing is a mishmash of everything luxury meets everything that is a tank. The result is something that viewers need to really stare at in order to be able to absorb. When we were greeted with the “King,” we honestly didn’t know where to start. To help everyone out a little bit, we put together a list of goodies. Hopefully, this will draw away from the confusion just a little bit.

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First and foremost, folks are probably wondering what the most expensive SUV in the world is going to cost. When dollars and cents are counted up, the King ends up bringing a $1.8 million as a starting price. From there, it can be optioned out further to pass the $2 million mark. From the outside, the looks are hard to explain. Inside, though, luxuries speak for themselves. This thing has just about everything that one could ever want in a luxury vehicle. It also has a bunch of features that nobody will ever touch just like any other super high-end vehicle. Just for starters, the brute has a coffee machine, bar, and even a star-lit sky inside on the ceiling.

For those who are dying to get their hands on this monster that costs more than the vast majority of houses in the world, they will be made to order straight from Italy. Oh yeah, it’s also probably important to mention that it weighs in at 13,000 pounds. It is bulletproof, after all. Therefore, a top speed of 87 mph might be just a little bit limiting in certain situations.


Why The $2 Million Karlmann King Is The World's Most Expensive SUV

Why the $2 million Karlmann King is the world’s most expensive SUV.

Posted by Cars Insider on Thursday, April 18, 2019

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