Most Intense Close Call You’ll Ever See – Airplane Pilot Nearly Crashes Into Fishing Boat

Whenever you are maneuvering something with a motor, you should be pretty careful as ...

Whenever you are maneuvering something with a motor, you should be pretty careful as to pay attention to some of the nuances that go into operating such a vessel. When you’re in the water, there are different rules that apply as opposed to those who choose to fly through the air, for example, this time, it appears as if, thanks to either a genius display of skill or some sort of loss of focus, the two nearly became one in the most undesirable way possible when an airplane nearly trimmed off the hair of a couple of fishermen as they were on their way out to compete in a fishing tournament.

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The scene in Argentina was pretty crazy as lots of boats were heading out in the water to get their chance to compete in this tournament and before long, we watch as the choppy water filled with boats is greeted by an airplane that ended up flying just a little bit too low. It’s pretty insane to watch from the first angle as the plane nearly touches down in the water but when you watch it from the second angle, you can see just how close it gets. If you were on this boat, I would imagine that your heart probably would’ve skipped a couple of beats and you would’ve hit the deck as fast as humanly possible to avoid it all.

This is basically the mother of all close calls as the airplane really came in hot and at high-speed that probably left the people on board speechless. All it would’ve taken would be a couple of feet difference and I think that we would have more than likely would’ve been reporting the situation from an entirely different tone. If this one wasn’t supposed to be going down this way, you can bet your bottom dollar that the airplane pilot is going to harshly reevaluate some of his tactics in future.

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