Motorcycle Rider T-Boned HARD by Truck Running Red Light *Broken Bones*

If you ask a motorcycle ride or what one of their biggest fears are while hopping ...

If you ask a motorcycle ride or what one of their biggest fears are while hopping behind the handlebars of their favorite bike, more likely than not, they will begin to tell you a little something about the way that they notice people have shaped their driving tendencies. While it would be ideal to have roadways filled with attentive drivers who know all of the rules of the road and manage to keep their focus planted on the roadway in front of them, that certainly isn’t the case as you’ve probably noticed yourself.

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Instead, we get distracted drivers, people who are selfish with their actions, and others who certainly seem to be completely lost when they make their way to the roadways, making you wonder how it is that they managed to get a license in the first place. I’m not sure where you want to file this one, or even if you want to file it within any of those categories at all, however, the result is one that can make you cringe and might even make you a little bit angry when you look at all of pieces of this scenario that unfolded all too quickly for the motorcycle rider pictured in the video here.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to join in for a relaxing motorcycle cruise that ends up taking a sharp turn in a hurry. It appears as if, in this video, the riders in question are approaching a green light that is lingering for quite some time, however, that doesn’t prevent the Ford Ranger in the situation from skipping into the intersection and plowing over one of the riders. At one point, you even hear the driver talking about looking up and seeing the light turnĀ green, alluding to the idea that maybe his focus wasn’t where it should’ve been. After seeing this one, maybe some will reconsider their driving habits.

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