Motorcycle Rider Hits The Track… Literally And It Had To Hurt

No matter if you’re on two wheels or four, on the drag strip, lots of things ...

No matter if you’re on two wheels or four, on the drag strip, lots of things have to line up in order for you to make a successful pass. Before you can even light up the perfect time on the scoreboard that you want to see, you have to make sure that you get down some of the basics first. However, we’re all human and we all make mistakes. Even when it comes to some of the most fundamental parts of making a quarter mile pass like staying upright, well, things happen. For this rider, that’s exactly what unfolded as it seems like some inclement conditions would be plopped right in his lap, giving this guy the ride of a lifetime.

As the motorcycle, a Kawasaki H2, to be a little bit more precise, would be launched off of the starting line, before long, this rider would be faced with a bike that was now seeming like it wanted to take a curve as it almost looks like it’s taking on a mind of its own, being thrown to the side as momentum would eventually take the vehicle down to the ground. As the bike would toss the rider off, it would continue to slide as that head of steam wasn’t being stopped by the ground even though the throttle was closed and the wheels were no longer touching the concrete racing surface.

If you follow along with the clip below, you’ll be able to catch up with the moment that this guy lost control and ended up plopping down on the concrete. I’m sure that this one left a mark, however, this could’ve been much worse. Just imagine such an undertaking happening at a higher rate of speed! All lumps, bruises, scratches, and ego aside, I think this guy ended up getting pretty darn lucky with the way that this all unfolded, if it had to unfold at all.

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