Motorcyclist Gets Pissed About Controversial Crash Situation!

Motorcyclist Gets Pissed About Controversial Crash Situation!* Click the image below ...

Motorcyclist Gets Pissed About Controversial Crash Situation!

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Bad drivers are EVERYWHERE and while we aren’t necessarily saying who was at fault here, the motorcycle¬†rider seems to be pretty convinced that he is in the right and isn’t afraid to let us know it!

When another driver stopped in the middle of an intersection, the motorcycle rider decided to proceed when the light turned green, as he should, and drove in front of the stopped cross traffic, at which point the cross traffic began to move again!

Check out the video below as the car moves forward anyway and ends up taking out the rider as the epic crash was all captured on GoPro! You be the judge, who was wrong here… or are they equally unintelligent drivers?

This rider brake checking a cop is just asking for a wreck!



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