Mr. Regular Tells Us What it’s Like Driving a Dodge Demon For The First Time

If you’ve never followed along with Regular Car Reviews, you know that the host ...

If you’ve never followed along with Regular Car Reviews, you know that the host behind it all, Mr. Regular, generally brings to the table a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor, throwing a little bit of shade in the direction of whatever car he gets behind the wheel of. Basically, what this guy’s all about is saying the things that we’re all thinking when we like to be cynical about some of our favorite cars, even the ones that we love the most. Even if a car can find a way to be just about perfect, sometimes, Mr. Regular will dig into the social side of automobiles and the reputations of their owners which can be even more entertaining to listen to.

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This time, we get the opportunity to see what happens with Mr. Regular takes a shot at the Dodge Demon, a car that has really set high expectations and has found most of the owners pleased with how exactly their cars are performing. As one of the first vehicles that has really aimed at creating an all-out drag racing machine for the street, it will be pretty interesting to see what Mr. Regular thinks about it as we all know the stereotype of the Dodge Challenger body style being one that’s just a little bit bulkier than its competition.

If you follow along down in the video below, we get quite the genuine reaction as Mr. Regular takes his first couple of minutes behind the wheel of a Demon and tells us exactly what it feels like to him. After having driven so many different cars at different levels of modification, it should be interesting to see exactly what he thinks of such a monster. Will the car live up to all of the hype for him? I guess that there’s only one way to really find out.

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