Mudding In Russia Is WAY Different Than In The States!

Mudding In Russia Is WAY Different Than In The States!Double Entries Are LIVE! win ...

Mudding In Russia Is WAY Different Than In The States!

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As we’ve come to expect, life in Russia is just a little bit different from life here in the United States. Life seems to be lived more carelessly there on a daily basis – for better of for worse we haven’t decided yet.

This display shows off a prime example of this idea. We take it off-road when this gentleman in his Jeep is getting ready to cross a body of water, but it ends up being a little deeper than he thought.

We’re not exactly sure what the thought process was here, but the Jeep ends up nose down and completely submerged in the water. The driver easily escapes and doesn’t even look all that upset. Was this video originally titled “Decided to Wash the Car” an ode to insurance fraud?

This is how it’s done here in the states!





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