Multi Million Dollar LaFerrari Aperta Does Crazy Donuts in the Grass!

We can’t really figure out why we can’t stop watching this video. We’ve seen this ...

We can’t really figure out why we can’t stop watching this video. We’ve seen this before, somebody shredding the grass in a wicked Italian supercar, but this one just really grabs our attention and holds it. Perhaps it’s the fact that this one in yellow, or maybe it’s the LaFerrari Aperta’s £5 million price tag. Or it could be the absurdity of it. We’re used to seeing these cars sitting in a garage or on a showroom, or parked outside some swanky restaurant or club, only to be carefully driven away, if driven at all.

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Instead, here we have a car that most will go their entire lives and never see in person, much less have a chance to drive, being tossed around in the grass like a kid might do his new go-kart. The car appears to be a demo car or on lease from a dealership, perhaps, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome to see it slinging dirt and grass like it’s nothing. There’s an especially cringe-worthy moment just a few seconds into the video where the driver, as careful as he is being, scrapes the carbon fiber splitter along the paved pathway, causing a scraping sound that had every wallet within earshot running for cover. Not to be deterred, the driver continues on as if nothing even happened, showing either extreme ignorance or arrogance, whichever the case my be. Of course, stopping at that point wouldn’t un-scrape the splitter, so I guess there’s no point in ending the joyride at that point anyway.

There’s also a moment toward the end where they’re loading the ultra-rare Aperta that the weight shifts onto the truck and the ramps seem to smack the bottom of the car, but it’s hard to say if that would cause any significant damage. Perhaps there was enough grass and dirt stuck up there to dampen the blow from the ramps and preserve the paint’s integrity. What do you think, would you take this ride offroading if you got a chance to slide behind the wheel?

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