Murder Nova Got a New Race Car Hauler, Let’s Take the Grand Tour!

It really doesn’t matter what the job at hand is. It could be anything from ...

It really doesn’t matter what the job at hand is. It could be anything from driving a race car to doing the laundry. At the end of the day, having the right tools to accomplish that job will make it much easier or more effective. In certain situations, there are scenarios where both could be accomplished!

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When it comes to racing competitively, one of the best investments that drivers can make is a proper racing rig. After all, spending weeks at a time on the road is no easy feat. Doing it with ill-prepared equipment is something that’s a formula for disaster. Not only will a nice rig combination be accommodating for the team in terms of comfort and sleep but it’ll also make the mechanical undertakings go by much more smoothly.

Over the course of a race weekend, it could be a grueling period of time. Constantly working on the car in between competing can tend to wear somebody down. However, with the help of a well put together race rig, the legwork can be minimized so that the team can focus on what’s really important.

This time, we check into the 187 Customs YouTube channel to see the new race rig that the team will be working from. In this one, we not only get a tour of the fancy new rig. We also get to hear about some of the trials and tribulations that the old equipment put the team through. At the end of the day, in some areas, most folks are probably going to have to make do with what they have. However, an upgrade like this is always more than welcome. As the guys talk about the new equipment, we realize more and more just how handy a combination like this could really be on race weekend.

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