Murder Nova – in the Snow on Slicks?

If you’ve ever used a drag racing tire on your car or know anybody who has, ...

If you’ve ever used a drag racing tire on your car or know anybody who has, you’re probably familiar with the peril that lurks if that tire meets unsatisfactory conditions.

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This time, Murder Nova is sporting a full racing slick, yet still decides to venture out into the snow to try his luck getting onto a trailer to head out and get some work done.

Sure, it might have only been a short distance traveled, but every inch moved in the snow is one step closer to complete disaster when you’re riding on a full slick.

Check out the video below as the Chevrolet Nova is carefully toted to the trailer, leaving us cringing every step of the way. Luckily the car is able to keep out of harm’s way long enough to continue on its journey!

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