Murder Nova’s “Man Van,” The 1100 HP Street Truck Dreams Are Made Of!

If you’ve dialed into Street Outlaws as it hit the air, you have probably ...

If you’ve dialed into Street Outlaws as it hit the air, you have probably become accustomed to associating drivers with specific cars. After all, Shawn aka “Murder Nova” didn’t earn his nickname for driving around in something other than his feared Chevrolet Nova. However, inquiring minds might just be interested to find out what some of these heavy hitters drive around when they aren’t competing at such a high level. Just because these machines aren’t necessarily the fastest in some of these drivers’ stables isn’t to say that they aren’t worthy of admiration. As some of these vehicles fit into different categories and accomplish different tasks well, some are very much worth dissecting and diving into a little bit deeper to see what it is that makes them tick.

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This time, the topic of discussion is none other than the Chevrolet Trailblazer SS that you might find Murder Nova behind the wheel of when he isn’t wielding his car clad in black.¬†Even though this isn’t the fastest vehicle that you’ll find Shawn behind the wheel of, we’d probably say that thing has the juice to blow past 90% of the other vehicles that you’d find out there making their way around the streets these days. In turn, it certainly isn’t something that we would consider traditional as it goes above and beyond when you consider the platform that it was built on.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to dive into the truck, learning straight from the owner’s mouth what it’s like to try and build such a machine as he goes through some of the highs and lows along with maybe some of the challenges and future plans that make a package like this come together, creating something that is able to crank out over 1100 HP and make its way down the quarter mile in the single-digit club.

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