Girl In Mustang 5.0 Stuck in the Mud Just Inches Away From The Highway

Every once in a while, we’ll run across a streak of bad luck. While it might ...

Every once in a while, we’ll run across a streak of bad luck. While it might look like a situation that is completely avoidable here, you really have no idea what led up to it and how exactly this individual got caught up the way that they did. However, no matter what the factors that led up to this one were, the outcome is all the same. What we have here is none other than the driver of a Ford Mustang who made her way off of the highway and, in the process, managed to get her car nice and stuck as to call for the need for a little bit of extra help.

This was pretty much disaster from the start and no matter what these people do to try and get the car unstuck, it almost seems like a Chinese finger trap because the more that they fidget with it, the more the car seems to make its way away from the paved surface that they ideally want to be on, making it even more difficult to try and find their way back to safety on the road. For some reason, the whole sequence ends up being very interesting to watch as you find yourself watching closely to see what the next move here is going to be, trying to get the sports car unstuck from its precarious position.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see the entire effort from top to bottom as these folks are really pushing their way into the hole.

Eventually, a truck has to come to the rescue with a tow strap to the complete the mission at hand, however, while they’re out of the hold, I don’t think that the folks on the scene are ever going to be able live down the fact that they were just mere feet from the highway and still couldn’t figure out a way to pound this one back onto the paved surface.

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