Mustang Commercial Spoof Might Just Make you Bust out in Laughter

If you’ve been watching closely on your social media feed filled with ...

If you’ve been watching closely on your social media feed filled with automotive posts, you might’ve noticed the common trend that has come about with various Mustang owners from around the world. It’s not really clear why it is but apparently, the Ford Mustang can sometimes attract a crowd that likes to, well, put the car back into a crowd.

We’re probably just going to level on the side of the fact that the car is one of the most common sports cars that money can buy and therefore, you’re going to get the highest volume of crashes out of these things because there are just so darn many of them running around the streets.

However, no matter what the logic is behind this phenomenon, that doesn’t stop the entire internet from making fun of this idea that the Mustang is much more prone to crashing under heavy acceleration from a stop than other cars. In fact, the joke has become so widespread that Mustang owners have even become comfortable with this reputation, even going so far as making fun of themselves with window banners, vanity tags and other things of the like that reference the car’s reputation for “crashing” a party. Pun intended.

In one of the latest jokes in this Arena, somebody has taken the audio from a Mustang commercial where Ford proclaims that “It’s Mustang Season!” and dubbed that audio over a whole bunch of different clips of Mustangs of various generations crashing into, well, a little bit of everything.

Just when you think that this trend is going to die down, someone else either sends it a little bit too hard and ends up in a crowd or someone makes a hilarious spoof like this. I think that the only logical step to take here if you do own a Mustang is to just accept it at this point and maybe learn to laugh at yourself a little bit.

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