Mustang Does Burnout in Front of Cops, WRECKS – BUSTED

Mustang Does Burnout in Front of Cops, WRECKS – BUSTED* Click the image below ...

Mustang Does Burnout in Front of Cops, WRECKS – BUSTED

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Hopping on the gas when you pull out of a car show is only natural. The excitement can be totally worth it, but don’t go overboard because you’re going to pay if you do!

This time, we check out a Ford Mustang driver that pulls out of a show and lets the rear wheels loose. As a result, as we’ve seen time and time again, the Mustang gets sideways and takes on a curb in a losing battle.

As if ripping the front end off of his car wasn’t good enough, this guy decided to do it all right in front of a police officer, sending the “bad day” factor to an all new high.

Check out the car below as this driver is probably wishing that he had remained inconspicuous. This has to be a low point for this guy.

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