Mustang Mike’s New Ride – Ozark Raceway Park

We’ve seen Mustang Mike lay down some killer passes on the streets on a couple of ...

We’ve seen Mustang Mike lay down some killer passes on the streets on a couple of episodes of Street Outlaws, and we’ve seen him make some less-than-stellar runs as well. His old car was crunched up in a mishap on an episode of the show than led him to build a new Mustang, which he brought out for the first time recently.

The new car made it’s debut at a no prep event at Missouri’s Ozark Raceway Park, where Mike did a little testing to sort the car out, then jumped into the racing. Based on what I’ve seen from most other racers, the whole concept of easing into a new ride is a thing of the past. Mike wasted no time in dropping the hammer and blasting out a solid pass on the ORP 1/8th mile. The car hooked up hard and ran straight down broadway, proving the chassis builder and crew had nailed everything in the suspension and setup, something that’s pretty hard to do the first time out, especially when you’re dealing with a big inch engine a healthy dose of nitrous!

One aspect of the car that I really appreciate is the understated look of the car. Sure, it’s got wheelie bars and a hood scoop and huge slicks tucked under the rear, but there are no immediately obvious signs of what kind of punch the car is packing. It looks like it would be right at home in the weekly bracket racing program at any local track across the nation, until Mike turns loose of the transbrake and the front end hikes up and the the car rides the wheelie bars out to the 60’ marker, then sits down and just hunts down that finish line.

We’ll almost certainly be seeing this car on episodes of the original Street Outlaws as well as Street Outlaws Memphis, where Mike is likely to be a regular hitter in JJ Da Boss’ lineup.

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