Mustang Pulled Over At 100MPH… Is He Toast?

When you have a car that was designed for speed like a Ford Mustang, sometimes, it ...

When you have a car that was designed for speed like a Ford Mustang, sometimes, it can be easy to find yourself slipping out of that frame of mind that has you doing the speed limit and into a frame of mind that will have you plowing right past it. For this Mustang driver, that just so happened to be the case because he was quickly approaching 100 mph, when all of a sudden, he got that sinking feeling that we have all gotten when a police officer pulled in behind him on his deceleration.

Now, naturally, as this driver began to think, he would start to contemplate what was going to happen and he probably thought that he was about to be toast. There was no way he would pull out in front officer going that quickly and be cut a break, however, when the officer approached the car and began to talk to him, even with the driver’s pounding heart that would dictate that something was about to go wrong, it really looks like this driver ended up getting about the luckiest break that he possibly could. I’m sure that there are a lot of others out there who wish that when they get caught up in the moment and started enjoying their car a bit too much that they could have gotten a police officer like this to pull them over.

Follow along in the video down below that shows the interaction between this young driver and the police officer in which he appears to do everything correctly because the officer ends up being friendly and attempts to teach this young man a lesson instead of getting him all jammed up and in trouble with his license and insurance company. It really seems like this officer wanted to help this youngster and give him a chance instead of writing out a ticket. Be sure to tell us what you think of this interaction.

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