NASCAR – Jimmie Johnson Triggers Early Wreck in Cam-Am Duel 1

When it comes to pretty much every motorsport, you really have to have your head on a ...

When it comes to pretty much every motorsport, you really have to have your head on a swivel, watching from all angles as you could come across an adverse situation that requires you to react quickly. I think this is one of the fun things about competing is trying staying control and avoid these situations at all costs. However, when you have a sport that takes all of the drivers and stuffs them into one racing surface like NASCAR, that need to watch out for all of these obstacles really gets heightened. You never know how other drivers are going to react and put you in a position that’s going to have you in trouble, so you need to keep your focus in the game!

This time, we check out quite a situation as it unfolded quickly, showing you exactly what can happen on during this sort of racing competition. As Jimmie Johnson would enter a turn, he would soon find out that his equipment wasn’t exactly behind him when a tire would go down, shaping things up for a pretty scary situation. When you lose all tire pressure at speeds like that, things can get rather hectic. It’s not like you’re driving down the highway at a reasonable speed where you can pull over and just change the tire, after all.

If you follow along down below, you’ll be able to watch as the 48 car goes sideways after losing that tire and gets tangled up with a couple of other drivers but thanks to some expert driving, a few of them who were close to the accident were able to get out of dodge before it ended up being too much of a pile up. After checking this one out for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of the reactions that all these drivers put on display as they attempted to stay out of trouble when it all was going down right in front of them!

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