NASCAR Pace Car and Safety Car Fails That Make us Cringe

When we turn our thoughts to incidents that happen in NASCAR, normally the attention ...

When we turn our thoughts to incidents that happen in NASCAR, normally the attention is on driver error. Most of the time, that driver error will come from behind the wheel of one of the stock cars in competition. Every once in awhile, though, bloopers unfold in a way that the drivers could’ve never seen coming. Let’s just say that every once in a while, a foreign object ends up coming into the field of play.

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While spectating a NASCAR race, watching the safety equipment around the track doesn’t seem to be prominent. Most of the time, it just fades into the background. In fact, the people in control of these things want to be seen as little as possible. If they’re doing their jobs correctly, they will be on and off the racing surface as quickly as possible.

This time, though, we watch in on a couple of situations where pace cars and other safety vehicles became the stars of the show. These aren’t necessarily situations where the vehicles are stars in a good way, either. Instead, these debacles usually come on the heels of some sort of blunder.

In some situations, the blunder is due to a miscommunication. For example, when an ambulance driver ended up in the middle of pit road, things got heated in a hurry. In another spot, perhaps it’s just pure driver error that makes things escalate out of control. We’ve seen pace cars wreck a variety of times. Lastly, it could be a complete freak accident. Many NASCAR fans recall the one time where the pace car was stolen and looped around the track.

By following along with the video below, we get an inside scoop on some of the craziest safety car blunders in all of NASCAR.

These situations only pop up once in a blue moon. When they do, though, it’s always interesting to see how things pan out.

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