NASCAR Sponsor Loses A Bet, Uses Most Cringeworthy Paint Scheme Ever

Confidence is a beautiful thing. Even for someone who isn’t the most well ...

Confidence is a beautiful thing. Even for someone who isn’t the most well equipped in a certain area, enough confidence can be the key to push them higher. However, overconfidence can have some ill effects. When wagers are thrown into the mix, we really never know what’s going to happen. It just so happens that Busch Beer had some lofty expectations when it came to their driver. The company bet that if Kevin Harvick didn’t win the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series title last year, they’d go all in. With this bet, they wagered that they’d introduce some sort of “millenial-inspired” car. Spoiler alert: it’s terrible.

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The machine is slated to debut at this year’s all-star race. Busch pulled the covers off of the paint scheme this past Tuesday. Long story short, they really shouldn’t have. Over the light pink base, the livery is tatted up with all sorts of emojis, phrases, and even a couple of hashtags. The car might just be an eyesore but it really seems to be doing its job. We would assume that this bet is a win-win in the eyes of Busch. If they won the bet, obviously their driver brings them a lot more bang for their ad buck. If they lose, they get to unveil a paint scheme that is bound to go viral.

Maybe we’re being a bit harsh. We will let you be the judge of this combo for yourself as it’s shown off in the video below. Is this scheme as bad as we’re making it out to be or it is #LIT? I guess that the most important part is that this one is certainly letting those behind it have a lot of fun. We’re sure that they had a heck of a time designing it. In turn, fans also got in on the action through Twitter polls.

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