NASCAR Vice Chairman Reflects On Dale Sr.’s Daytona 500 Win

Across the landscape of sports, thousands upon thousands of people will end up ...

Across the landscape of sports, thousands upon thousands of people will end up competing in various professional leagues. Among those people, very few will find themselves a career in their sport for a long amount of time as most of the time, athletes are in and out as they don’t have what it takes to maintain a long career. Among those who have what it takes to be reliable enough to keep up with the Joneses and stay in the league for a long long time, only a select few among those will be the stars of their particular sport. Perhaps the rarest of athletes rise above even the stars and find themselves cemented into a legacy that’s all their own to the point where they have to be brought up every time you talk about the greats in any sport.

Among those who are the greatest to have ever competed, a name like Dale Earnhardt Senior is one that rises to the top of the bunch. We’re not just talking about a NASCAR legacy but on that spans across pretty much any sort of competitive event. The man definitely made his way through the sport in such a way as to leave behind a legacy that will be remembered years from now. Even after this generation has passed on, people still be talking about the Intimidator and the mark that he left in the world of racing.

If you follow along in the video below, it might help to put things into perspective a bit for you as you’ll be able to hear a little bit of a sentimental tone is NASCAR’s current vice-chairman, a man who was held many high-ranking positions in the organization, Mike Helton, reflects on Dale’s Daytona 500 win. Being able to witness something like that certainly had to be a special moment for just about anyone who was in attendance. Just imagine how it sat with someone who was and is as close to the sport as Helton is.

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